Somnium - Suburban Rooftops

This album is a collection of tracks inspired by lucid dreams, a topic I've had a lot of interest in over the past three years. The inspiration for the music began as a theoretical interest but grew into more: To me, the tracks represent scenes/atmospheres, which were often inspired by dreams. Over time however, the music itself started preceding the dream scenery, which I experience as a blending of dream reality and waking reality. This is now what I strive for with Somnium music. 

released February 20, 2018

Somnium - Production, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Synths, Samples, Signal Processing, Album Art

Adam Pfeffer - Keyboards (Tracks 1 and 2)
Brian Evans - Drums (Track 2)
Bryan Truit - Sample (Track 2)
Michael Caraglio - Drums (Track 8)
Alex Metson (Permadeath) - Drum Programming (Track 6)
Layne Daniels - Graphics